Hello world!

My name is Oz Brown and I am a Java/Spring Web Applications/Microservices Software Engineer with Full Stack On-Prim and AWS experience. What kind of exciting engineering/development am I up to these days (Summer 2019)? In my...



Spring Framework Reactive Web Client – Flux

public List<BasicDto> findByBasicIds(int[] basicIds, int min , int max, String otherInfo) { Consumer<ClientCodecConfigurer> consumer = configurer -> configurer.defaultCodecs().enableLoggingRequestDetails(true); WebClient...

Iterable to Collection or List

See entire Stack Overflow Topic: Easy way to convert Iterable to Collection //… public static <T> List<T> convertToList(final Iterable<T> iterable) { return, false)...

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Let’s Encrypt SSL on Amazon AMI

Implemented: I decided to try Let’s Encrypt on several of my sites after reading the following:

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