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Let’s Encrypt SSL on Amazon AMI

Implemented: I decided to try Let’s Encrypt on several of my sites after reading the following:

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Demo: OGBrown-Courses Spring MVC Web App

O.G. Brown Dev Courses Demo: ogbrown-courses ================================= GitHub Project Table of contents Introduction Live Demo Local Demo Live Site Introduction This project is a Java Web Application that provides an Educational Website to host online class materials for students attending the various courses. The general flow of the website supports: Course Multiple course offerings, e.g. Start Date 8/1/2017, or 10/25/2017. Most recent accessible directly. Multiple Course Labels, e.g. JAVA-1111, XJAV-1122, tracked as the educational agency changes over time. Most recent accessible directly. A list of Prerequisites Most recent Instructor available A list of textbooks A default number of class meeting sessions A list of course objectives A lesson plan by session CourseOffering Provides a specific number of class meeting sessions for each offering. allows for numerous instructors per offering tracks time logistics (e.g. start date, start time, end date, end time, days of weeks, term) for the offering has location logistics information (e.g. location, room, seats) Common Course Pages Programmatically generates the typical starting pages unique for each course and offering. This saves 100’s of statically stored web pages and greatly reduces the setup time for new courses and saves web design time needed for routine materials. Live Demo To see a current version with the demo data visit: Local Demo In order to run the application you should configure your Database server correctly. You can do...

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Upgrading Server to PHP7

In-Progress: I read a great article on the performance gains of PHP 7 and WordPress 4.x , What is PHP 7 and How to Start Using it With WordPress? Convinced me… so I updated my AWS EC2 server to PHP 7. Back to...

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Sample Complex SQL Query

In-Progress: Here is a working sample of a complex SQL statement I use to present data from my osTicket database using MySQL. I customized the osTicket application using the extent of their administrative UI to allow me populate additional fields in osTicket. This was just a sanity check script I made before I placed the logic in a Java web application. SELECT name, plan_tickets, (design_credits_hrs-design_used_hrs) design_bal_total_hrs, (develop_credits_hrs-develop_used_hrs) development_bal_total_hrs, design_credits_hrs, design_used_hrs, develop_credits_hrs, develop_used_hrs, plan_start, plan_end, earliest_date, latest_date, total_tickets FROM (SELECT, COUNT(ot.number) plan_tickets, slaname, SUM(IFNULL(design,0)) design_bal_total_hrs, SUM(IFNULL(develop,0)) development_bal_total_hrs, abs(sum(case when design < 0 then design else 0 end)) as design_credits_hrs, sum(case when design > 0 then design else 0 end) as design_used_hrs, sum(case when develop < 0 then develop else 0 end) as develop_credits_hrs, sum(case when develop > 0 then develop else 0 end) as develop_used_hrs, MAX(plan_start) plan_start, MAX(plan_end) plan_end, DATE_FORMAT(MIN(ot.created),"%Y-%m-%d") earliest_date, DATE_FORMAT(MAX(ot.created),"%Y-%m-%d") latest_date, (SELECT COUNT(ot.number) total_tickets FROM ost_ticket ot LEFT JOIN ost_user ou ON ot.user_id = WHERE ou.org_id = total_tickets FROM ost_ticket ot LEFT JOIN ost_ticket__cdata otc USING (ticket_id) LEFT JOIN ost_department otd USING (dept_id) LEFT JOIN ost_sla ots ON ot.sla_id = LEFT JOIN ost_user ou ON ot.user_id = LEFT JOIN ost_organization oo ON ou.org_id = LEFT JOIN (SELECT *, DATE_SUB(DATE_ADD(plan_start, INTERVAL duration MONTH), INTERVAL 1 DAY) as plan_end FROM (SELECT org_id, (SELECT date(from_unixtime(value)) AS plan_start FROM sbogb_ost1912.ost_form_entry LEFT JOIN sbogb_ost1912.ost_form_entry_values ON id...

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