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Iterable to Collection or List

See entire Stack Overflow Topic: Easy way to convert Iterable to Collection //… public static <T> List<T> convertToList(final Iterable<T> iterable) { return, false)...

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Let’s Encrypt SSL on Amazon AMI

Implemented: I decided to try Let’s Encrypt on several of my sites after reading the following:

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Upgrading Server to PHP7

In-Progress: I read a great article on the performance gains of PHP 7 and WordPress 4.x , What is PHP 7 and How to Start Using it With WordPress? Convinced me… so I updated my AWS EC2 server to PHP 7. Back to...

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Sample Complex SQL Query

In-Progress: Here is a working sample of a complex SQL statement I use to present data from my osTicket database using MySQL. I customized the osTicket application using the extent of their administrative UI to allow me populate...

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